Premiere Items

These are the items we are most proud of because each is made meticulously and with a focus on detail.

  • leather pants leather pants

    Lace Up Sides Leather Pants

    An amazing and hot leather show-stopper. These pants lace up the full length of the sides and have a lace front pouch as well.  Color leather costs a bit more, but worth the looks you will get in these sexy pants.

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    straight jacket jock straight jacket jock

    Straight Jacket Leather Jockstrap

    This is another great example of the unique items you can only find at   This leather jockstrap has 3 straps you adjust through D-rings. It resembles a straight-jacket.  You can adjust the fit, so it won't make you crazy. 

  • neoprene chaps neoprene chaps

    Black Neoprene Chaps

    The absolute hottest item at Jocks By RJ now. These are neoprene rubber chaps you can wear with or without anything underneath. They snap in the front and lace-up in the back. The rubber stretch means that you will have a snug comfortable fit no matter...

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  • leather chaps leather chaps

    Black Leather Chaps

    Great real leather chaps and they snap in the front and lace-up in the back. Full length black leather chaps, with an inside zipper on each leg.  If you want to add your personal touch, let us know how.  You decide if you want a stripe or not.

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  • leather jocks

    Our Hearts Leather Jockstraps

    We are proud to offer something for any committed couple. One black and one white leather jock with heart-shaped cutouts. The black heart attached to the white and vice-versa. A great way to symbolize that you have each other's hearts! Sold as a pair...

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    zip sides leather brief zip sides leather brief

    Zipper Sides Leather Brief

    This sexy brief has two working zippers on either side and are made with soft real leather.  The seat is black leather and you pick the color for the front of the brief.  It has an industrial sort of vibe, like it was "built," not made.

  • shredded leather shredded leather jockstrap

    Shredded Leather Jockstrap

    This leather pouch is made with a piece of leather that has been shredded horizontally. It's lined with a sheer mesh fabric. This is an incredibly unique jock and it looks great! It also has an entirely elastic black waistband.